Menolyrical; Final Friday Fiction


I gaze upon the door before me. There sits the padlock. Thick. Heavy.


Like the heart of the Beloved.

I gaze upon the shackle, binding the padlock to the door.


Like the spirit to the body.

I gaze upon the keyhole, deep, dark, inviting.


Am I the key?

© Yamini Ali MacLean 2017

Menosukhi Menolyricals

Louis-dog and Mimi are wonderfurs for organising these monthly prompts for posts. They are brought together under the banner of Blogville Arts and Entertainment.

Now for my entry. There are quite a few newbies in Blogville, so I thought to point folk to my CANINE CHRONICLES  stories. That link will take everyone to the second page and you ought to start at the bottom (as blogger won't let us put things around the normal way) and work your way up; then move on to the 'newer' posts for the rest of them... if you like them. 

Mainly they are the tales of the ashram dogs from when I was in India. No matter how hard one tried to not become involved with the dogs, they found their way into the heart!!! There is one story which remains untold however; that of Rekha, the pup you see me holding in the picture. Am still trying to find the way to tell it...