Menokakkuls on the Menotripsical

Here are three fun things which came out of my visit to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic - which you will read more about on Friday. Each has two parts...

"Merlin", who has his own livestream camera!
Depending on your time of day, Merlin may be asleep.
He's noisy when he's not...

Me-Now-Views; Less Speak More Peek

Needless to say, am jamming in a number of the images from the big train trip...
Montreal to Halifax

The Montreal Biosphere

New Brunswick Flag

Menotripsical; BAR and Beyond - Halifax Wandering

June 26th cont'd.

Halifax farmer's markets are at the other end of the historical pier complex. Lots of interesting looking produce. These young ladies were entertaining the Sunday crowds with their Scottish music... I couldn't help but think of the Maestro. I found Vijaylaxmi of Viji's Veggies, a lady who was more delighted to meet me, apparently, requesting an 'ussie' and keen to hear my Hindi! She made delicious pakoda and bonda and samosa, so I bought several to see me through the day and into the next day, so's not to have to worry about meals. Spotted a wonderfurs sign for our very own SWTS...

Didn't stay much longer in the market as there were no seats and by now I was getting a tad 'lumpit'. Walked on along the foreshore, past the statue of Cunard and onto the boardwalk and waterfront proper. This is a happenin' place!!!

The haar which had rolled in mid-morning began to clear and the lighthouse on Georges Island made itself visible.

The boardwalk was the kind of place to linger and soak up the atmosphere, the sunlight, the sea-breeze and simply relax. I was in love with the place already.

There was lots of company - not for me, so much, but I enjoyed the company being had from afar. I took note of some of the things I wanted to come back and look over in more detail. Any plans of exploring outside of the city left me in that first day, for I realised that I just wanted to be here and drink in as much as I could.

...a reminder of the kind of aggression which wins territory and imposes foreign values...

Halifax is principally a maritime city. No surprise, then, that there are going to be lots of images of water and and the craft atop it. That up there is the Bluenose II. Nova Scotians are known as 'blue noses'; no one really knows why.  On the right above, you see St Mary's Catherdral.

Having walked myself into a stumpy getting up as far as the maritime museum I resolved to begin there the next day. I walked up onto Barrington Street and caught the bus back to rooms. From the high place I shared the evening with walkers and a sultry sky.