MenoSundays; Live Lived Lovingly

A turbulent week needs a little bit of peace as a counterbalance. It was felt that a light musical interlude would be appropriate today. That it is also titled 'Love and Peace'... well that helps.

Menorise [men-oh-rIse]; the process of inculcation.

"It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind, which determines which way we will go."
(Jim Rohn)

Today, a little something extra... Louis Dog Armstrong, our Art & Entertainment director for Blogville, has requested that today be dedicated to lifting the spirits with a fun video. I have found one which follows on from the water theme of today's Menorise, fits with the entertainment theme of Louis' day, but also has the menoducational aspect the YAMster favours in her role as OoWaC. Here we go then!

SNSM - the Mermaid from Flying V on Vimeo.

Menoducational - of sorts

Yes, being slightly lazy this side... but I think you'll like this.

Having not trawled Vimeo for several months, I had a bit a glut on it since I got back. Always something a bit different from your average to be found there! This video was fascinating, not least because I have particular interest in care and enrichment for the sight-deprived... (I developed a hand code system for colours with The Maestro).  The expansion of 'vision' is something we all could learn. Interestingly, and as a complete aside to this, a program I have been enjoying wherein amateurs are vying for 'potter of the year' asked the contestants - in the very same week I found this vid - to throw a dish whilst blindfolded!!! It was amazing what came out of that. Anyway. Enough from me. Enjoy.

Please Touch the Art from Cantor Fine Art on Vimeo.