In Place Of Menokakkuls - the Northern Explorer Critters Episode

All of you who have been enjoying the weekly giggles here at Wild YAM's place, are also greatly fond of critters - and we saw plenty of them on the Mac Clan trip... so let me unload a few here for you to gawp and 'coo' over...

The birds at the cottage were myriad; not least the common sparrows;
here you see a fledgling still demanding to be fed! (I captured the actual feeding...
You'll need to keep an eye over at TAKE bloggy for that shot &*>)

I spotted no less than four different bee species - but caught only two on camera

This is Millie-dog; she lived three cotts along from our place on Skelbo Street. She was adopted into this furever home by very kind peeps. She is four years old and had received very little training. She was doing very well though and adored the massage Mac1 was giving her - but was also very intrigued by the Fudge and all this 'look at the camera' bizzo!!!

Millie is a RottweiLab.

Note the starling coming in to land... lots of juicy bugs on a cow's back!

Ower here Morag, ah hae som'thin' tae tell ye...

Och Senga, whit are you faffin' aboot noo?

Wheesht... d'ya see ower yonder? Thaur's a wummin pointin' a blummin great eye at us...
d'ya naw hear yon clicking and a clacking o' the thing?

Menootanabootagain - the Northern Explorer

The Tuesday of our week together saw us riding in Mac3's SUV as we drove further afield in search of several more geocaches - five in total, but only two were successfully located (a common problem in this hobby, with combination of 'muggling' - regular walkers thinking they've found trash and disposing of the cache - of location clues being too obscure and/or the satellite feed for geo-positioning getting blurred by trees and such like), but we saw more of the Bonny Land as a result...

At 'The Mound' we found a bit of history which expanded once more our understanding of the area... you can chose between that  'snapshot' article, or this more technical and scholarly one - or both, if you feel inclined!

Golspie Links Caravan site nestled behind the stone-dunes

View of our holiday home from the other side of Loch Fleet

"..are you SURE it's this tree???..."

Golspie Pier

There will be more shots from this outing and others on tomorrow's Me-Now-Views page... you have been warned!