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NAME; Yamini Ali MacLean…. (YAM)

BORN; April 26th

NATIONALITY; Scottish by birth, Australian by naturalisation, Indian by spiritualisation!

You can read the emerging menomoirs on the MacHistory pages. Suffice to say it has been a journey and it’s not over yet… This blog serves to let off steam, share life, allow creativity, educate, amuse and cackle… Man, can I cackle…

…of course, if you’re really curious or would like to share a worry, you can always ask a question. It may turn out to be the prompt for a post.  You have been warned!

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The menomoirs began as a safety-valve, a letter-offer-of-steam, at the time when climacteric was ...peaking. The posts were all begun with 'meno' because they were essentially coming from that frustrating time... things are calming now, but the menorhythm remains. As it says in the banner, it began because it could, it continues because it can. There used to be a 'menoctionary' page; it is a bit obsolete now, but the cause of the MENO-bloggy needs to be remembered, hence this paragraph.

Dioscorea Villosa 

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